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  1. William says:

    I was wondering if i 18+ shows are a possibility. Checked out the venue last night and loved it. Dance floor has a lot of potential and would love to have my event here.

  2. Raleigh says:

    Stopped by last night– great club! Absolutely loved the Butter and the Olio sets! Killer… also heard that a “funk” night at the Tiki might be a regular thang? Cooooooool

  3. Federalies says:

    ya the bars really nice! the owners really relaxed, as far as my friend lit a shot on fire then we sunk it into a guiness!! amazing! then proceeded to rock out!! Lets do it again soon. i’m thinking January! they had a radio show broadcasting it and the stage is legit:)

  4. Gio says:


  5. admin says:


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